"i am" Carmen Calhoun

"The grace of God personified in song." --Leslie Baerwald

"It touches me deeply and differently" Senior Pastor Dr. David Anderson, Bridgeway Community Church

It is the combination of soul stirring, life motivational lyrics riding on a melodious bed of powerful, yet beautiful music, that makes I am an extraordinary CD. Carmen Calhoun got it ABSOLUTELY right when she married man's broken life with God Amazing Love. Whether she sings "Pink Hat Day" or "Oh How He Loves", Carmen's captivating vocals takes you to a place in God that makes you declare..."I AM the righteousness
of God in Christ...I AM the apple of God's eye... I AM LOVED!"

"Fresh Sound" Vikki Kennedy Johnson

I LOVE music! I'm the girl driving with the music on a level 10 with base booming. I love all genres, and value/respect/need good writing. Carmen's music speaks what my heart says but my mouth can't articulate at the moment. Carmen's music is me in the moment. I need diverse beats with components that represents a multifacted me. I get it all on Carmen's CD entitled "i am" Natasha Pierre

"It has shown me the unselfish true love that God has for us, that no matter what we do He still loves us" Aretha Wills

I Experience an intimate time with Daddy through the lyrics and passion of your songs that you sing and your passion for God is felt through your voice. Stephanie Allen

Carmen Calhoun's ministry is a refreshing transition from typical gospel music. Her style is in a category of its own yet still offering uplifting, inspiring and edifying lyrics intertwined with her pure, unblemished vocals. Her music ministers not through religion but rather through the anointing of the holy spirit to touch the hearts of her listeners. Joy Turner

As a fellow artist, your ministry encouraged me to think outside the box in relation to the ministry God has given me. I'm more open for any way God wants to use me in music ministry and know that others to which I'm called will be blessed. Thank you for being a blessing! Evangelist Annette Morgan

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