"Life" Carmen Calhoun
Flawless musicianship accompanied by an equally as flawless vocal tonality, held together perfectly with an outstanding production. The CD is filled with layers and stunning dynamics, describing an all around album of perfection. Carmen Calhoun has achieved exactly the necessity for a quintessential and solidified R n' B album. "Life" brings an abundance of layers, presented by a great vocal presence, and an array of well toned vocal harmonies.

Track 1 Give Thanks – Awesome introduction leading into a multi-layered track, taking you further into Calhoun's exquisite voice and vocal melody; Track 3 Life – Perfect title track with a great production a great lyrics, describing the wonders and hard ships of Life's occurrences; Track 8 You Take my Breath Away – More laid back and easy going track with great piano work accompanied beautifully by a gentle and warming voice and melody. Damon Kellard at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

You really do have an amazing gift in your voice. I was impressed with your talent from the 1st time I listened to you. The musicianship is standout, and you seem to have a good grasp on song structure and format. Taxi

Musically, your songs are elaborately played which captures one's attention immediately. I am also rather impressed by the unique manner in which you express yourself lyrically- nicely done! Taxi